Heyoooo! I'm Tori.

I answer best to, "Mom. Mommy. Mama. MOMMMMM", "Hey photographer lady" or just a plain Tori. I spend my time loving on my babies, being a bomb wife, talking about how much I love my ugly as heck dog, and taking killer photos. But also seriously enjoy ice coffee, all the junk food, and uncontrollably laughing at my own jokes. I'm pretty funny FYI. I am a believer of love that makes you giggle and feel like your heart might explode, the pure freaking joy a simple hug from your baby can give you, that the simple every day moments will forever be the memories you want to remember. My goal every time I pick up my camera is to capture those giggles, hugs, and moments. As a Mom, Wife, and Photographer I will forever understand your want and absolute need for these photographs. Lets hang out!

These people are what make my heart explode.