Pricing & Packages

Each session is fun and relaxed. I swear I wont make you 'cheeeeese' at me the entire time while having your hands perfectly placed in special spots. That is not how it works here. With my sessions we laugh, tickle, play tag, snuggle, and tell secrets in batman voices. Please take a breath in knowing I want to photograph the TRUE you, not some imposter who looks like they've got all this stuff together! After your session I invite you to come back into the studio to view your gallery. There is where you will get to choose your favorites for purchase, and likely see a few of the bloopers too!


Getting every single part of your family, the wild and crazy, the laughs and snuggles and everything in between! They're FUN, candid, and natural. Dad's normally leave saying, "That wasn't too bad!" Sessions can be outdoors, in studio, or at your home.

Sitting fee of $199

Couples | Engagement

We get every single part of your love! The laugher you create together, the way your hands fit perfectly together, and what really makes you two you! Sessions are FUN, candid, and minimally posed.
*All wedding packages come with an engagement session.

Starting from $199


Wanna feel like a boss b*tchhh?? Lets chat! Get your hair and make up done professionally and show yourself how freaking sexy you are! Session's don't have to be a gift for someone else, TREAT YO SELF!



Through the years of learning my craft I have learned so many ways to make magic happen. May it be behind the camera, editing, or behind the scenes of the actual building of a business. If you want some help with any of these things lets talk more!