Wedding Day: What to expect

Weddings are truly my passion, where my heart goes wild with excitement. Having an entire day to document your love for your new spouse, the love of your family and friends around, and every other random detail around. Just as it is too. No insane posing cheesing with perfectly placed hands, I aim catch things as they happen naturally. No forced phony smiles, allowed. Just you two being madly in love. Your day should be fun, relaxed, and everything else you've dreamed it would be.

I would love to get to help you with that by sitting down and talk over drinks (coffee, soda, beer, shots?!) about all the little details of your day. We'll talk about do you want to have a first look? Who is going to help you slip into your dress? Is Dad likely to cry? What kind of cake are you going to have? During our planning I will also get you my personally made preferred vendors list, ones that I have worked with several times every year who I absolutely love to death!

All of these little things can help you trust and know that your day is going to go off with out a single worry. I truly love photographing every small detail of your wedding. The dress and jewelry, the stacks of decor perfectly placed all around, the first time your soon to be husband lays his eyes on you, the random butterfly just fluttering around, the amazing dance moves that bust out once the floor is opened. All of that.