Heyoooo! I'm Tori.

I answer best to, "Mom. Mommy. Mama. MOMMMMM", "Hey photographer lady" or just a plain Tori. I spend my time loving on my babies, being a bomb wife, talking about how much I love my ugly as heck dog, and taking killer photos. Living in Council Bluffs, from southwest Iowa, and working from Omaha Nebraska I know of all of our areas hidden gems! But also seriously enjoy ice coffee, all the junk food, and uncontrollably laughing at my own jokes. I'm pretty funny FYI. I am a believer of love that makes you giggle and feel like your heart might explode, the pure freaking joy a simple hug from your baby can give you, that the simple every day moments will forever be the memories you want to remember. My goal every time I pick up my camera is to capture those giggles, hugs, and moments. As a Mom, Wife, and Photographer I will forever understand your want and absolute need for these photographs. Lets hang out!