HEyoooo! I'm Tori

I answer best to, "Mom. Mommy. Mama. MOMMMMM", "Picture lady" or just a plain Tori. I spend my time loving on my babies, being a bomb wife, talking about how much I love my ugly as heck dog, and taking killer photos. Real talk, I have serious problem and think I need to get an iced coffee daily and also uncontrollably laugh at my own jokes. I live in Council Bluffs and grew up here in southwest Iowa! It's amazing being so close to so many smaller communities and gravel roads but also having the access to Omaha too! I am a firm believer in chaos makes perfection. The imperfections of life is where I find the beauty! Your smile lines from laughing so hard with your kids, how the toddler is always missing shoe 1/2 way through a session, your husbands absolute need to always give that booty a little tap as you walk past. I want to get it all! I believe in love that makes you giggle and feel like your heart might explode, the pure freaking joy a simple hug from your baby can give you, that the simple every day moments will forever be the memories you want to remember. Capturing your crazy is what I was made for, and I wouldn't ever want anything else! 'Perfect' is boring. I want you to be able to see the photo but feel like you're back in that moment.