Senior sessions are a little different than the rest of my sessions. Why you ask?! Because I want to make them feel as bad ass as they possibly can! I remember just last year when I had my taken (clearly a huge lie) I felt like a freaking Queen when I left there. And that is what I want to do for your senior! Sessions are hugely relaxed, fun, and seriously about them. About how they are as a person, their interests, and dreams. I will ask them a billion and 12 questions. But not in that annoying crazy Aunt way, but in a way to get to know them better and to get them to relax. Nothing is weirder than walking up to a person and being all, "Ok smile like we did just meet .513 seconds ago." I want all of you to be comfortable.

Sitting fee of $199, includes up to 1 hour of session time, but does not include any digital images/prints/products.